Benefits of Nutritional Advice Include:

  • Understanding the food groups
  • Understanding the correct intake of each food group per day
  • Knowing how often to eat and when
  • Learning how to lose weight safely and correctly, and how to keep it off for good
  • Learning how to improve your sports performance with the correct diet
  • Understanding the difference between good fats and bad fats
  • Learning how to impove your energy levels
  • Understanding how important water is to lose weight/increase sports performance/keep energy levels up
  • Learning about natural fat burners in certain foods
  • Learning how to gain muscle mass with the right foods
  • understanding the connection between food and diabetes
  • Learning how to eat healthily and happily for life

Nutrition, as any athlete or recreational exerciser will quickly tell you, plays a part in increasing the efficiency and productivity of your training session. The type of nutrition, and the amount needed before, during and after exercise, is dependent on a number of factors including the intensity of your training, the duration, the type and the number of times you workout. Therefore, personal trainers are able to build lifestyle programmes that encompass all of these factors in tandem with your bespoke workout.

Nutritional advice is not only for athletes and gym goers! If you need to lose weight or put weight on, or lose body fat and maybe increase muscle mass, you will also benefit from some nutritional advice.
Surprisingly, it is the convenience and ease of many aspects of lifestyles today that mean we compromise our wellbeing because we do not provide our bodies with all of the nutrients that it requires in order to function optimally and keep us in good health.

Negative Effects Of Modern Lifestyle

Unfortunately, due to the pressures of modern living (the demands of our working day and the often hectic nature of life at home), food is often one of the first aspects of our lives that gets compromised. We are often forced into a fast-eating culture where we skip meals, or we eat on the run; picking up what food we can from the most convenient sources. Supermarkets and even smaller corner shops now are filled with an abundance of convenience foods designed to suit the hectic 21st century lifestyle. Not only does a lifestyle of this busy nature increase our body’s demands for certain nutrients, it also hinders our body’s ability to properly utilise the nutrients it receives from the food we eat. Furthermore, many of these convenience foods are low in nutritional value and contain many artificial additives and preservatives, as well as generally being higher in salt content. These are all aspects which reduce the benefits we gain from the foods we eat, and which can in fact hinder health.

The modern lifestyle for many, not only denies the body of vital nutrients essential for health, it also denies us of the experience and the purpose of food. The reliance on stimulants, such as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, may further contribute to impaired health. Often we don’t address how our lifestyle and diet may be affecting our health until something goes wrong.

Whilst there are health problems that require specific medical attention with certain medication and treatment, Nutritional Therapy can be used alongside conventional medicine to further support the body and our health.

Indeed, through dietary and lifestyle changes it often impacts positively on health without the side effects that may be experienced through synthetic medicines.

More and more today we are encouraged to adapt the food we eat and the lifestyles we lead so as to help prevent a decline in health, or the onset of chronic disease. Nutritional Therapy is also pertinent in helping the prevention of disease and poor health.


Prices for individual Nutritional Plans

  • £40
  • Free 15 minute consulation for nutritional advice