As a Royal Marine I have to carry a lot of  weight on my back, causing a lot a of stress. My neck seemed to suffer the most and I couldn't move it very well.After being treated by Brenda at Ultimate Body Sports Therapyt, my neck now has a good range of motion, and I no longer have any aches and pains. Sports massage has really helped me, I haven't felt this good for years! Brenda is an excellent therapist. Thank you!

Sgt Stephen Bull, Royal Marines, Devon.

My back was giving me a lot of problems and I had lots of aches and pains. I work on computers all day and I can get pretty uncomfortable.  Brenda has worked on my back and now it feels amazing! I feel relaxed and like I have had all the tension removed from my back! I feel great!

Karen Fraser, Chester.

I am a hairdresser and I get a lot of problems with my neck and shoulders. I made an appointment with Brenda as I couldn't stand it anymore. Now I feel "normal" again. No more pain!

Georgina Brown, Liverpool.

Playing golf is a big part of my life. For many years I just put up with the aches and pains and the stiffness in my shoulders and back.  Somebody in the golf club recomended a Sports massage to help relieve the muscle tension. I found Brenda and I have never looked back since my first treatment. Not only do I no longer have any aches, but my golf swing has improved too!! An unexpexcted bonus...Result!

Bobby Whalley, Liverpool.

I work in a mentally stressful job, and and I was in need of some relaxation and something to relieve stress. I booked a Swedish massage with Ulitmate Body Sports Therapy and was amazed at how I forgot all about my job and how relaxed I felt after the massage!

Dr. S.J. Mortimer, Liverpool.