Ultimate Facials 


The Ultimate Facials are made from 100% natural products, made by Ultimate Body Sports Therapy. All the ingredients are researched and products are designed to suit your individual skin type, making every facial totally unique.

The Ultimate Natural Lifting Facial is designed to help lift the face naturally with unique massage movements and muscle manipulation, improving the skin's elasticity, circulation and muscular strength and preventing the face from ageing.


You can choose from the Ultimate Facials below, and each one will be tailored to you individually.


Ultimate Moisture - Hydrating Facial

Ultimate Cleanse - Cleansing Facial

Ultimate Detox - Detoxifying Facial

Ultimate Renewal - Rejeuvinating Facial

Ultimate Natural Lifting Facial


Each Facial comes with a neck, shoulder and scalp massage.



Ultimate Natural Lifting Facial  (60 Minutes) £50 (with Caviar mask) £60

Ultimate 60 Minute Facials   £35

Ultimate 30 Minute Facials   £25